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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  March 24, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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in his body. he loved everyone. >> we are holding on. we have the strength that jacai is a hero and he died a hero and very proud of working for the prince george county police department. >> reporter: considered a hero because colson was the one that took on the gunman attacking the district three police station in the moments before he was shot and killed by a fellow officer. that gunman was wounded and survived. he is charged with his two brothers who you may recall were taking video of the entire incident. police have not said publicly which of the five other officers involved that day was the one that shot colson but they know and they have rallied around that individual as well as his family. reporting live in beltsville, scott broom, wusa 9. >> a full funeral will be held tomorrow morning at the first church of glenarde
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montgomery county. a brushfire is burning dangerously close to several homes. look at this. the flames are burning several acres on brink road near blunt road in germantown. a water tanker brought in to help firefighters put out the flames. red flag warnings were issued because of high winds and low humidity in the area. this is a story that we will be following throughout the news evening. we have more breaking news in prince william county one person was rescued from the top of a water tower. it happened in gainesville. there are conflicting reports whether the man fell in the tower or stuck at the top. but rescue crews were able to get him down. he was taken to a nearby hospital. a bizarre incident in springfield. gunfire, a crashed police cruiser, four suspects and one still on the run. drai sorts out the events. >> reporter
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to serve a warrant owned reckless discharge of a -- on reckless discharge of a firearm. these two men were leaving the house heading to the hospital when a third person -- this happened after the third person was showing off his gun apparently when the gun went off. >> it's sad. >> this area is not safe. >> children peer through closed blinds after a wild night. >> outsiders coming in. >> one of two cars driving away from the 7500 block of trolley court hit the police cruiser. police arrest the driver. the second car is stopped. inside two men shot, one in the hand, the other the leg. those men just left the town house where fairfax county police were serving a wat
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to rashad james for reckless discharge of a gun. they didn't find him but ran into the two victims that were shot. police say minutes earlier, one of the men had taken his gun out to show it off when the gun accidentally went off. one bullet hitting both men. neighbors, such as greg lawrence, are not surprised after what he hears in the neighborhood. >> a shot and it isn't a firecracker. you can tell the difference. >> reporter: lauren says it's not a one time occurrence. >> a couple of times a week sounds like someone is firing to fire. i don't know what they are firing at, probably in the air. >> concerning because you don't know where the bullets are. >> others say the trouble doesn't end with random gunfire. >> it's really out of control. it's just not all the black youth. there are whites kids, mixed children all of them coming over here bringing the drugs and their
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informed. >> reporter: now, neighbors say it's sad because you can see how many children are in the neighborhood hid me and there are a lot of them who live in this one community. add to the bizarreness of this incident, the man apparently who drove into the police cruiser refused to get out. this initially was a barricade situation. for about an hour he refused. pepper spray was discharged. finally he came out of the car. he has been in custody and also released but eventually he did come out of the car. no officers were injured but a shad james is still at large, the person they originally came here to find. live in springfield, surae chinn. >> rashad james is known to be driving an older model green jeep cherokee. it has a luggage rack and broken left parking light. two days after the bombing attacks in br
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suspects that might be on the loose. they are the most wanted men in europe. both of these men were last seen with the suicide bombers at the airport and the browse sells metro. cbs news spoke to one survivor. he was at the airport and remembers falling after the first bomb went off. >> i looked down and i see a mass of bones sticking out. then i hear the second explosion. and now that i'm starting to think about it over and over, i think that's what saved me because i was on the ground when the second one went off. >> we learned that the attack had been planned for next monday. it was moved up after the arrest of paris suspect salah abdeslam last week. belgium authorities say they have no indication that americans were targeted in the attack at the brussels airport. all the u.s. airlines were located in the terminal that was hit. now, americans are among the wounded and missing. wusa 9 anchor
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part of the story. >> reporter: a number of people including americans are en route to brussels which is believed to be a dangerous place right now. they are heading to hospitals and to check on the injured and loved ones and in some cases looking for sons and daughters still listed as missing or unaccounted for. 150 bombing victims are in hospitals. 61 in intensive care with burns and shrapnel wounds. today for the first time we are hearing from some of the survivors sebastian playing professional basketball in belgium. >> everything is so real, so -- explosion from a gunshot, all those things that happened, the gratitude is what i feel the most about how i made it. >> reporter: the suicide bombers left at least a dozen u.s. citizens injured. they include three missionaries from utah. 19-year-old mason wells was
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doesn't know of any americans killed in the terrorist attacks. >> many of the injured went to a broad swath of hospitals in trying to get information, accurate information on the nationalities and i didn't advertise of some of these injured has been tough. >> reporter: among the missing or unaccounted for americans are justin and stephanie schultz. they worked in belgium as accountants and caught in the blast when they dropped her mother off at the airport on tuesday morning. family members say they were originally told by the state department that the couple had been injured and taken for medical care. that turned out to be incorrect information. >> it's incumbent on us to get accurate information. we just don't have that yet. >> reporter: sasha and alex from new york are also missing. they were in the terminal talking on a cell phone to a friend when explosions tore through the hall. we might point out the dead and injured in the brussels
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represents 40 different countries. >> bruce, thank you. looking for breaking news on the brussels attacks we will update you 24 hours a day with the wusa 9 app. one man is dead following a shooting on martin luther king avenue southeast near the intersection of sumtner road. it happened after 11:00 this morning and still no word on who did it or why. a teenage girl has been rushed to the hospital after she jumped into the path of an oncoming metro train. the train operator was able to stop before hitting the girl. the orange, plus and silver lines suffered minor delays because of the incident. a woman is expected to be fine after a frightening crash caught on a surveillance camera. check this out. the upper level hand corner of your screen. lindsey cook was pulling in a parking space on the 4th floor of a parking garage in towson when she crashed through the barrier and landed on the sidewalk below. this was march 14th. she was taken to
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she wanot seriously injured. >> incredible. excitement building as we get closer to the huge sweet 16 game when the fighting maryland terrapins take on the locally jay hawks. >> you are sporting your gear very well. stephanie gil heart is live in college park. >> they are enjoying the beautiful weather. this is the cornerstone grill and lost. this is not far from campus. people are revved up. maryland hasn't been in the sweet 16 in more than a decade. >> we had an intramural game but we planned to forfeit so we could watch the game. >> they will be wearing shirts like these watching the big game tonight. >> they are all
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i like them all. i love this team. it's my senior year. i'm excited for them because this is like a win for them and a win for me. >> a win for the state of maryland. >> i have been a fan of maryland basketball all my life. that's one of the reasons i wanted to come here. i haven't seen a maryland team be good in a long time like since i was 5. >> first ever national championship. >> reporter: that was 13 years ago. fans say the game has been a long time coming. >> we will get a win. >> what a university, what a school, what a team. our year. >> i think we will crush kansas. >> that excitement is translating into dollars and must have maryland merchandise is going fast. >> our guys have been playing real well. i am looking forward to exciting basketball. >> reporter: diehard fans are crossing their fingers hoping the game ends with a sweet terp's victory. >> i picked maryland all e
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>> go maryland. >> reporter: they are confident going into the game tonight. they have a reputation forgetting rowdy. that's why campus police are on high alert. >> not rowdy but excited. it will be packed where you are. >> route 1. i spent a lot of time there. >> by the way, folks, check out adam's tie if we can get a closer look. i don't know if you can see that. >> fighting terrapins because we should all fear the turtle on a day like today. >> 13 years that man was 5 years old the last time they were in the sweet 16. makes me feel old. >> watch the action on wusa 9 news and cbs. stick around for the late news and reaction and insight. >> it will be good. >>
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on 9 news at 5:00. a man hailed a hero after bank residents -- warning residents about the inferno that engulfed four town homes in prince george county. his story in a bit. weather-wise, great afternoon. we have winds though. that's a problem. going out tonight, no problems. it's warm. mid-70s at 6.
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hillary clinton is not as popular among bernie sanders. sanders is the first choice among temperatures that voted or intend to vote in primary contests with 49%. 3% are not resu. a push for equality outside the vatican embassy. a small group of protestors are pushing for the catholic church to stop treating women as inferior to men. that included the ceremonial foot washing. the protestors want to see the lgbt community welcomed in the church. it's officially peek cherry blossom season or so we thought. >> we learned from the national park service even though they started between yesterday and today, the cold snap may have pushed us back a few days. stephanie ramirez joins us
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the tidal basin. means a longer season, perhaps. >> reporter: madness. it want to know the day. you come out here and then you are calm again. a beautiful start to the 2016 cherry blossom festival. all smiles surrounded by petals. some worried that they may miss it after the peak bloom dates changed not once but twice this year. >> they are trying to confound me. >> after multiple trips, larry farrell couldn't be happier. he planned this one just right. >> the first time i caught them. they are beautiful. yes, i love it. >> thursday thousands of people packed the tidal basin hoping to beat the expected weekend crowds and snap an iconic photo. people flock to see the cherry blossoms. most of the people i ran into are from our area and allegedly not playing hooky. >> i got the day off. >> i lo
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i love seeing the different people. >> you just see this white it's like being in a blizzard. it's flowers and warm out and the sun is hitting you. beautiful. >> what is it like for kids. >> the trees are beautiful. some are good for climbing. >> reporter: you don't want to do that. park police tell us you can get in trouble for doing so and breaking off blooms. >> it's a resource violation. more likely would you get a fine for that. >> reporter: big no no is drones. that why we have james hash and his contraption. the result more beauty. >> and, you know, we are seeing a lot of this out here. well, you know what, this is important. police are asking people, families especially to take a photo of your children as soon as you get here so if god forbid a child gets lost you have the latest photo of what they are looking like and what they are wearing. it's about
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letter stephanie ramirez, wusa 9. >> what did james hash have, a 9-foot long selfie stick. it was big. >> mcgiveer. awesome. the wind is the key here? >> that's my concern for later today and tomorrow. we will have gusts and we had some over 30 miles per hour. i didn't see too many blossoms on the ground. had they been at peak or just past peak they wouldn't be as strong and the winds would have an easier time. this weekend, if you haven't seen them, maybe not tomorrow morning but this may be a good weekend-- >> you and 100,000 of your closest friends and head down. >> there are a lot of beautiful areas. even the u.s. capital has over 100 cherry trees. this is what i'm tracking for early tomorrow. it will be arriving late tonight. there is a lot of shower activity and thunderstorm activity and the cold stuff, snow activity. this thing dumped on denver yesterday. parts of minnesota,
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lakes, half a foot, foot of snow, heavy wet like cement type snow. around here, spring. it's going strong today. near 80 in leesburg. manassas 79. bwi mid-70s. cumberland 79 degrees. in town, boy, that is another shot, the cherry blossoms almost at peak. again i'm thinking sometime in the next couple of days they will get there. 77. here is a key. wind gusting to 31. red flag warning until 8:00. if you are not sure what that is, anybody that does open burning, don't do it. it's so dry, so windy, the dew points in the 40s, humidity 34% but with the winds and dry glasses and brush, that is how fires spread easily. so, burning discouraged. 77 and a comfortable evening out there. weather headlines, showers tonight and tomorrow
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breezy and warm. we will crack 70 tomorrow. that will help the bloom. a dry, mild easter weekend with saturday being the cooler day. showers returning on monday. big storm. here is the snow in the great lakes moving to canada. heavy on the south side of the cold front a tornado watch for parts of georgia and florida. we are enjoying a great day. we will watch this thing come across tonight into tomorrow morning. tomorrow it's borderline weather alert for the morning. a few showers around for the rush hour. this front by lunchtime, most of the activity well south and east of us and clearing out for the afternoon. the weekend will be fine. looking at the forecast t tonight, 58 to 64. it will be breezy and mild. increasing clouds. shower toward tomorrow morning. keep the windows open if the allergies aren't bothering you. take a look at that later during wusa
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thundershowers in the morning. in the afternoon winds northwest. gusts tomorrow, 25, 30 miles per hour. 68 to 75 degrees. cool stuff is saturday. 62. colder saturday night, upper 30s to mid-40s. sunday chilly start. a pleasant finish. think 40s if you are going out for early service. near 70 in the afternoon. monday showers return. cooling down tuesday. maybe a chance of showers later thursday. >> howard, thank you. straight ahead, the cute video of giant panda taking a bath. >> plus, the fastest growing place in the country and you probably never heard of it. >> making some of starbucks signature drinks in your own home.
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the driver of this pickup truck is in the hospital after crashing into a nationwide insurance building. claim denied right away. it happened in memphis. no one inside was injured. not clear on what caused the driver to lose control of the truck. in tonight's consumer alert, all is fair at amazon, at least when it comes to pay for
5:25 pm
female workers make 99.9% of what their male counterparts make. they released the numbers after activists investors pressed the company and others for information about the gender pay. soon you can brew a starbucks pumpkin spice latte at home. they are launching a new line. >> i feel like it never taste the same. you don't have the same whipped cream. >> it's probably 300 less calories. >> i like the calories. for the third year in a row, the villages retirement community in central florida is the fast growing metro in the country. the villages is about 60 miles northwest of orlando and boosts a population of nearly 119,000 residents. >> all of them drive golf carts, crazy place.
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[000:25:59;00] adorable video of the giant panda taking a dip. >> rub a dub dub, how about a panda in the tub. the panda is taking a nontoxic bubble bath that they say is for enrichment. looks like he could use a bigger tube, right? looks like he is having fun. >> his hiney fits in there. >> household chemicals to create deadly blasts. we will tell you about new devices designed to sniff out those explosives. >> better transition next time. >> a just passed bathroom bill
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has members of the lgbt community upset. a local teenager rushed door to door to save people from a fire in brandywine. 1 people were removed from their homes. garrett haake with more. >> reporter: flames lit up the sky as most of the neighborhood slept. this 18-year-old was driving home from a nearby sandwich shop when he saw the smoke. >> when i rolled past i jumped out of the car and started knocking on everybody's door. >> reporter: two or three
5:30 pm
people ran out of es doors and more escaped from the back doors. now 15 adults, three children and three dogs need new places to stay. with the help of people like ingram, no one was seriously injured. >> mike dale call brown escaped the flames. >> got a knock on the door. came out and noticed what was going on immediately. went into kind of survival mode trying to help.  >> for this good samaritan, the blaze brought back memories. those memories made him act quickly. >> i lost everything. everything was gone. no more memories. i know how everybody feels. >> went through eight units to make sure everybody was out. >> you can bet these people are thankful this young hero came along when he did. >> i had somebody save me before in a fire. we were in the same situation in the same type of development
5:31 pm
and it's scary. >> reporter: garrett victims to stay in hotel rooms. a deadly shooting in temple hills. the victim is kashawn jerome johnson. last night police on the scene at 28th avenue found johnson in a parking lot suffering from a gunshot wound. police do not think it was a random shooting. investigators are offering a $25,000 reward leading for information to an arrest. the family of a missing bethesda teenager are breeding for her safe return. they believe she is being held against her will. >> virginia virginia was last teen tuesday. she goes by uma. she didn't get off the school bus and they don't know if she got on. they are concerned for her physical and mental welfare. >> if if you are watching this, come home. find your way home.
5:32 pm
ask for help. we love you home. >> we are very concerned for her health and we hope she comes home. >> here is one more picture of uma. she is 17 years old, 5 feet tall and about 86 pounds. anyone with information is asked to call police. north carolina's governor signed off on a bathroom bill that has a lot of people in the transgender community fired up. the measure prohibits local leaders from enacting legislation that allows transgender individuals to use public bathrooms that match their gender identities. the bill is in response to the city of charlotte. several explained how the bill will hurt them. >> i have a right to be safe, too. i have a right to be safe, too. i was bully and tortured mercilessly there. where did it happen? the men's room. >> cities, towns and counties
5:33 pm
can't pass ansc standard and state facilities must require bathrooms or locker rooms be designated for use only by people based on their biological sex. a guilty plea from a man that put a noose on a statue. he has admitted to putting the rope on the statue of the school's first black student. a confederate emblem was placed on the statue. of the he faces a year in prison and $100 fine when he is sentenced in july. a virginia teacher is fired after allowing students to smoke marijuana in class. police say they got a tip that 23-year-old dominique louisey has been allowing students to fire up in class. in the wake of the brussels terrorist attacks, a new device to detect powerful homemade explosives.
5:34 pm
>> terroristke it's made with innocent household chemicals like nail polish remover. >> 3, 2, 1. >> reporter: dr. jimmy oxely. the university has been given a million dollar grant to come up with a censor for the highly volatile explosive tatp. it took a tenth of a pound of tapt to rip apart the car door. tuesday night, belgium police seized 32 pounds of it. for years we relied on bomb- sniffing dogs to detect it but they have their limits. >> this is the digital dog. >> reporter: from this campus
5:35 pm
lab, he designed the that detects tapt. an electronic trace detection system that can compete with a dog but it doesn't need a break in a sense. it detects 24-7. >> reporter: in close spaces like airports, it can detect amounts as small as one part per billion. the goal is to get it down to the size of a smartphone so it can be installed on a turnstile or warn by a police officer. cbs news, new york. sad news out of hollywood. comedian actor and writer gary shands lining died today. he filled in for johnny carson. he turned down nbc's offer to replace david letterman. he was 66 years old. still not known yet what caused his death. it is the most important stop in d.c. for visitors.
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others may have never heard
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dog take us to the national law enforcement memorial. it's about taking a stand. for too long, wall street banks had their way. theysh craed our economy. but democrat donna edwards won't take their money because she stands up for us. as a single mom, she knows the challenges oamur filies face. she'll be our voice. tightening regulations on the big banks and fighting to keep dark money out of politics.
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at a price this good, only fios can. in the last three months three local police officers lost their lives in the line of duty. that includes officer jacai colson. andrea mccarran took our service dog in training bunt to the national law enforcement memorial.
5:40 pm
>> rt day it seemed appropriate to take bunt, our service dog in training to the national law enforcement officers memorial. >> i have always seen that i can rely on law enforcement. i really appreciate the job they do. >> reporter: the memorial honors the more than 20,000 law enforcement officers throughout history who paid the ultimate price. >> tear i believe. serious job. important job. >> reporter: each name is carved on a long marble wall. >> able to get a shot off before he could react. >> reporter: for scott silva this was the most important stop on his trip to washington. >> pay my respects. >> reporter: he is here from california chaperoning his son's class trip. he is also a police officer. >> a dangerous job. we go out there. we never know what we will get into and we are under a lot of
5:41 pm
pressure right now. >> reporter: the dangers of the profession hit close to home. >> jeffrey fontana, san jose police officer. >> reporter: he found the name of the officer with whom he trained. officer jeffrey fontana was gunned down during a traffic stop in 2001. silva wants fallen officers like fontana to be remembered with respect. >> a lot of antipolice, a lot of bad words being said about us. it's just a difficult time. >> reporter: new names are added to the wall each spring in conjunction with national police week. andrea mccarran. >> the memorial is open 24 hours a day and visited by nearly 250,000 people ever year located on e street northwest between 4th and 5th streets. trending, a good deed by coffee shop employees. >> these newborn kittens are safe thanks to a television
5:42 pm
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on select silverado models in stock. let's gallop to the trending stories. a drive through coffee stand. >> some vancouverer washington barista's lifted the spirits of a woman that needed it. her husband passed away the day before. the men leaned out to pray with her. another customer took this picture of the baristas praying with her and comforting her. >> we do what we always do. we wanted to give her love and make her feel the love that she was important and that there was still joe. we wanted to correct the problem, make her feel happy and jump in and show love like we do. >> no one knew about the photo before it went viral on social media. workers say the woman shook their hands and thanked them before driving off. great story there. >> sweet move. tickets are available for tonight's who concert at the verizon center. it comes after the band was
5:46 pm
forced to concert and several others following roger daltry's illness. it's called the who hits 50. one more rock and roll nugget. rumor has it axel rose will fill in on vocals for the upcoming ac/dc tour. the singer is sidelined overhearing concerns. there is this. adorable litter of kittens safe after being spotted by a cbs news crew. the workers were outside of the smith center in chapel hill, north carolina, during a send off celebration for the tar heels. they heard the kittens crying in bushes. animal control officer took them to a safe place. they were named after three unc players and their mascot. >> tiny. while we enjoy the beautiful springtime temperatures, there is nasty
5:47 pm
weather hitting the country. >> one tornado was record outside of fort worth, texas. take a look at the damage left behind after a hail storm in plan no, texas. golf ball size chunks. >> fell in about one minute. i have never seen anything like it in my life. >> the water is coming up toward the house. oh, my gosh. >> pounding rain and winds topping 45 miles per hour knocked out power to more than 5,000 people. the same system is dumping snow from the rockies to the great lakes. people in colorado are digging out from a blizzard that left more than 20 inches of snow in some places. yikes. hey, howie. >> i worked in oklahoma. i have been in golf ball size hail. i was in the car. wondered if the windshield would be blown out.
5:48 pm
it's like somebody is pounding the window that is scary. this is the same storm that we showed you the video from. it's centered in the great lakes with snow on the cold side. severe weather to the gulf coast. this comes through tomorrow morning with showers, maybe we will see thunder here and there. borderline yellow alert. i didn't do it because it will be gone by midday. cherry blossoms are looking good. they will peak any day now. i want to go over the last few years, april 9, 10th, 14th, 13th. we had cold snowy long winters. then back in 2013 we had one of the warmest -- 2012 we had one of the warmest marches on record. i think the blows assumes will be peak assuming the winds don't take too many of the blossoms down. leesburg gusting to 30. mid-20s in southern maryland. but it looks like the winds will be up tonight and again
5:49 pm
tomorrow in the 20 to 30 mi per hour range with gusts. blooms peak or past peak i don't think they would be as strong. they would blow off more. mid- to upper-70s in most spots. we had a couple of areas near 80 last hour. this is 77, the high for the day. there is cumberland pushing the 80 at 79 degrees. fires this afternoon. good conditions for fires to spread easily. they are starting to take the scaffolding down off the top of the u.s. capitol dome. i'm guessing that work will be wrapping up soon. nice shiny restored dome. feels like 78 with dry air. humidity 48%. gusty southerly winds. here is the big picture of the storm. a little rain and snow out west. this is a monster across the great lakes and to canada. trailing with the severe storms. a little sliver of a tornado watch left in the florida panhandle.
5:50 pm
this is torrential ti for us, it looks nice this evening. this will be with us in the morning for just a few hours. it certainly could impact what i think will be a lighter rush being good friday, schools are out, folks are vacation. 58 to 64 tonight. a mild night. could see a shower to morning. tomorrow morning 60s with showers and an isolated rumble of thunder. winds shift to the northwest. cool air lags until tomorrow night. tomorrow warm, breezy in the afternoon. 68 to 75. gusts 20 to 30 range. saturday we will be down in the 40s. maybe upper 30s. 62 saturday afternoon. seasonally cool. average high is 59. 69 easter sunday. we start in the 40s for anybody out early,ing to a service outside. monday more showers, 64. cool tuesday. another chance of rain later on
5:51 pm
thursday. now it is official. robert griffin the third signed a deal with the cleveland browns. a new injury and concussions sometime meed his career that -- stymied his career. now he is going to the browns. we are hours away from the terps big games against kansas. >> can you feel the excitement. >> kristen berset is live in louisville. you are at a fan rally? >> we got the cheerleaders, fans are here. they are ready for this match- up of course. it's highly anticipated. not just because it's the kansas jay hawks but the history with kansas.
5:52 pm
coaching roots grew >> he was what every coach would look for. unbelievable leader. the way he conducted himself. he knew how to run a team. he was a coach before i got around him. >> he was a good player. not very big but he got about all the talent he had out of that 5'10", 160-pound frame. >> the terps are facing the top seed in the tournament. but the former and current coach of the jay hawks know maryland has the weapons to pull the upset. >> they got a young big kid that is tremendous in stone. they have a great point guard. they have experience. >> i think we are catching a team that even though they are seeded 5th, our guys understand they can play to a one seed. >> reporter: you can watch the
5:53 pm
game on wusa 9 first villanova then maryland-kansas at 9:40. the virginia cavaliers are getting ready for r theimatch- up. frank hanrahan is with the team in chicago. >> >> reporter: it has been a long time since virginia basketball has been to the elite 8. it was in 1995. to get there they have to get past a pesky iowa state team. >> we don't discuss that. we are a completely different team, program. we have been here before. i think we have a different mind-set now. hopefully we can attack the game tomorrow. >> to be here finally and realize this is the furthest that we have been in the tournament the last couple of years, it means a lot. >> reporter: v said all season long they want to wear out their opponent. they did that in the second round of the victory over butler. that's what they have to do against butler. virginia state says if they can
5:54 pm
play at their pace they should move on to the elite the latest here in chicago. kristen, back to you in louisville. >> thanks so off. terps are ready for tonight. we will have more later. back to you guys in the studio. >> we are amp'd up as well. new details emerging about the brussels timeline. >> metro's general manager raising questions about the quality of recent track inspections. fios is not cable.
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raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message. cell phones and computers take up a share of our time and attention. new technology could give our thumbs a rest. at what cost. >> reporter: when russell has a question in the kitchen, he shouts it out. >> alexa, how many tablespoons in a cup. >> one cup equals 16 tablespoons. >> reporter: alexa is the voice controlled personal assistant inside the amazon echo. >> today's forecast has clouds and showers. >> reporter: she can report the weather, play a song and order a domino's pizza. amazon's stand alone device competes with the voice assistance found in smartphones like siri. >> i have used siri but she wasn't dependable. alexa has the ability to do so much more. >> how much does it cost. >> $180. >> reporter: the echo offers a hint at how we might soon navigate our homes.
5:58 pm
>> you of your appliances and devices a lot more. >> reporter: that raises privacy concerns. last year customers revoted when certain samsung tvs were found to transmit personal conversations to a third party. >> alexa, set a timer for ten minutes. >> the mic is only turned on when you say alexa's name. >> reporter: cbs news, new york. to extend the echo's range, amazon is selling satellite units to put around your home and a small portable speaker that you can take on the go. right now at 6:00 wounded survivors of the brussels terror attacks and authorities
5:59 pm
continue to hunt for two bombers believed to be >> should the wives be off limits? ted cruz has words for donald trump after trump retreats an unflattering photo of cruz's wife. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm bruce johnson. we are getting word tonight that france has arrested a man in paris who was in the advanced stages of planning a terror attack. the terror threat is lowered a notch but government officials say another attack is possible. belgium police are still looking for two suspects on the loose. kenneth craig has new details on the terrorist's original plans and possible other targets. >> reporter: these are two of the most wanted men in europe. the man on the left was last seen at brussels airport tuesday with suicide bombers.
6:00 pm
the man on the right was spotted at the metro with another suicide bomber, khalid el bakraoui. cbs confirmed that the el bakraoui brothers may have involved in a plant earlier and that the brussels attacks were planned for next monday. the date was moved up after police in brussels arrested salah abdeslam last week. >> when i turned the corner, i heard the first explosion. >> reporter: sebastian was at the airport and remembers falling after the first bomb went off. >> i looked down and i see like massive bones just sticking out. then i hear a second explosion. now that i think about it over and over, i think that is what saved me because i was already on the ground when high tide second one went off. >> reporter: two belgium officials tried to resign over intelligence failures leading up to the attacks. many aren't pointing fingers. >> i think it's bigger than what i think and what people


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